Databasing Kentucky Probate Forms Software for Mac OSX and Windows - Your work just got a lot easier with KYProbateForms!

First time users can master this program in under 10 minutes - so you spend your time putting out probate forms, not learning a new program.
This user-friendly software is filled with click-on buttons that make operating and navigating the program a real breeze. No expensive training, no down-time for learning, just productivity from the start.

No duplicate typing of Attorney or Client information - all that goes from 2 data entry screens to all the forms. Just enter the Attorney and Client once, go to the required form, fill it out and Print!
If revisions are needed, go to the form, make only the needed changes and print-out the revised form - all the entered data is saved instantly and can be accessed/revised/re-printed at any time.

The program is able to store 4 mllion Client records so there's no concern about ever losing a client record or form, it's always there.

It also auto-calculates all your numeric entries, eliminating calculation errors and the 're-do' process.

Included Forms:

AOC-795	Petition For Relief, Modification or Termination
FL-103		Petition
AOC-806	Order Probating Will and Appointing Executor/Executrix
AOC-807	Certificate of Qualification
AOC-820	Petition for Appointment of Trustee Under Will
AOC-825	Fiduciary Bond
AOC-830	Petition/Order to Dispense With Administration (Surviving Spouse/Children/Preferred Creditor)
AOC-841	Inventory and Appraisement of Estate
AOC-846	Settlement of Estate (Not electronic)
AOC-850	Informal Final Settlement: Affidavit, Motion, and Order
AOC-851	Affidavit of Waiver of Formal Settlement
AOC-852	Petition for Appointment of Guardian/Conservator for Minor
AOC-853	Application For Appointment as Guardian/Conservator for Minor
AOC-855	60 Day Inventory or Supplemental Inventory (Minor/Disabled Person)
AOC-856	Periodic/Final Settlement of Guardian/Conservator for Minor/Disabled Person
AOC-858	Petition by Crematory to Authorize Cremation of Decedent and Order
AOC-860	Affidavit For Probate Fee Exemption And Order

Download the KY Probate Forms Brochure here.

Download the Free demo and see how quick you can produce Kentucky Probate forms and simplify your work.

Price: $249
Hardware/OS Requirements:
Macintosh: Mac OSX 10.3 or newer.
Windows: WindowsXP, Windows7, NT, or 2000.

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